Could anyone share some code for a top of the page horizontal nav bar with drop down? I just want something I can copy/paste in (im not interested in front end development more with php and such). I would like the nav bar to be grey/silver and rectangular buttons.

Thanks for any help!!!

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Most of the people here don't have the time or interest to write your code for you. Many here have spent a lot of time and effort learning how to do what they do and now do it for a living. We are here to help each other out when we get stuck. However, asking us to write your code for you is in bad taste.

That being said, a simple Google search for "horizontal navigation bar" gives the A Super Simple Horizontal Navigation Bar as the first result. Google is a great tool and you won't have to wait hours for help. Something to pay attention to is "display: inline" to make lists horizontal. You might want to try How To Ask Questions The Smart Way to get more relevant answers in the future.

You say that you aren't interested in front end development. That is the purpose of this site. I would recommend that you find a friend who is interested, or perhaps an IRC chatroom such as #web on freenode.

Answered almost 8 years ago by kainosnous
  • alright i'll try to *shudder* learn....bleh shorty876 almost 8 years ago