The header section of this site seems a little messed up in everything but IE 8:

Any ideas whats going on or how to fix?

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How is it messed up? Looks OK in FF 3.5.2 and IE 7.

Answered over 8 years ago by tahdhaze09
  • IE8 does not equal IE7compatibility mode which does not equal IE7 but, yes, he's asking us to guess at the problem. Rob over 8 years ago
Guffa 316

You mean the opposite? It looks messed up in IE8? That's what I see...

The HTML code is broken. There is no start tag for the body. That's what I saw just by reading the code. By validating the markup you can see that there are also some other minor errors:

validation result

Answered over 8 years ago by Guffa
  • body tags are optional, not required. Rob over 8 years ago
  • @Rob: As there was an ending tag for the body, the starting tag was obviously missing. Guffa over 8 years ago

Yes, I meant the opposite sorry, messed up in IE 8. I have no experience with IE 8 and havn't got it installed to test...Thanks for pointer...

Answered over 8 years ago by Leon Quinn
  • If you are responding to an answer, it is best to put it in a comment instead of adding another answer... for future reference. Abinadi Ayerdis over 8 years ago