I am trying to hack up the layout of our public facing website(which I am not the designer of) for a possible intranet application.

I refactored and removed any non-essential layout markup from the html and css. I now have a pretty minimal layout without any content.

I am using IE8. When I open this template from a local drive (no web server), IE gives me a activex / script warning.

The code isn't very long and I can't find any section that would be considered a script of any kind. It's all just html and css. What piece of code is causing this?

Something interesting - If I open the same page from a web server serving the page, I receive no warning. What gives? Thanks.

Here is a zip of the template in question:


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IE doesn't like any scripting in local files opened in the browser.

This probably includes filters, like:


in your css.

You'd need to tweak your browser settings, or put up with it.

Answered about 8 years ago by Tony Crockford
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Ktash 1851

Lien 41 in you CSS file has the following code:


this is actually an IE proprietary property which is actually run as JavaScript. This is triggering your ActiveX flag. Your users shouldn't see it though as long as the intranet is in the proper security zone. At least, I don't believe they should.

Answered about 8 years ago by Ktash

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