I have just about solved this issue, but IE 6 still seems to be giving me problems. In the review section, I have still not been able to get the rating box positioned correctly. It doesn't seem to recognize the float:right element. anyone have any suggestions? The weird thing is that IE 5.5 seems to place it properly.

  • url, examples, screenshot? Tony Crockford about 10 years ago
  • Do you really have to conform to IE6? We should stop making websites for IE6 so that people would move on to the modern browsers. Brian Lee about 10 years ago

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if you're talking about the write your own review box on this page: http://vike.luggagepros.com/tumi-voyageur-basel-backpack.shtml

then try adding display: inline to both floated divs

there are float bugs in IE that you may have triggered.

Answered about 10 years ago by Tony Crockford