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Hey Guys

I'm basically building this page which obviously works fine in all browsers apart from IE6, where a small space appears below the cart. The background also has a gap in it in IE6, so I'm wondering what my be causing that, as it's probably related to the main issue.

The html can be found here:


If anyone could help I would REALLY appreciate it!!!! Many thanks

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Doug 1095

Add this to your stylesheet:

div#title img {vertical-align:middle;}

For more information, read up on baselines and inline images. Also, consider using CSS image replacement for the #title div rather than an img element.

Answered over 9 years ago by Doug
  • Building on Doug's answer: setting the display of an image from inline to block changes the gap seen at the bottom of the image. This has to do with the baseline on inline images. Andrea over 9 years ago