i have followed nearly 10 or more fix suggestions to no avail. the submenu of my superfish menu appears behind the content in ie7 and ie8. the z-indices are right, and even show so in the html inspector.


the issue is not related to the nivoslider on the homepage, because the issue happens on pages without it.

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Frames?! Really?! First of all, quit it with the frames.

Secondly, when I looked in IE7 and 8, the submenus appeared on top of the content. So, it could be that you need to delete your cache.

Thirdly, are you using a WYSIWYG editor to make this site? Some of the code looks to be either copied and pasted in or generated by a program like Frontpage. I would recommend cleaning it all up and redoing it by hand and, really, lose the frames. Especially considering there is only one frame. Maybe you want to only ever show "doctech.com" in the address bar, but I wonder why you would want that.

Answered almost 8 years ago by Abinadi Ayerdis
  • the frame there is temporary. i deleted the cache, but ie7/8 still hate me. had someone else take a look, and they found the z-index css had been placed on the wrong element. 5 hours working on it, wish there was a better firebug for ie7/8. thanks for getting back so quickly though. here's the link for the fix: http://www.onlinecasinodemar.com/webdesign/superfish-jquery-menu-ie-z-index-bug/ John Bergloff II almost 8 years ago

oops. the link for the fix is in the comment i just made above.

Answered almost 8 years ago by John Bergloff II