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I'm trying to add facebook "like button" and twitter "tweet button" on a list, my list structure is:


css is:
listItem iframeContainer {display:none;}
listItem:hover iframeContainer {display:block;}

the problem is when mouse moves over the [iframe] the [listItem] loses its focus.

I tried to fix it by but it doesn't fix it.

It works fine in other browsers.

you can check out it live here:

you need to signup at website, it's easy and fast :)


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Behzad 20
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I've fixed the problem by the same way as though adding didn't fix it!

     $('.item').live('mouseenter',function() {
     $('.item iframe').live('hover',function() {
     $(".item").live('mouseleave',function() {


.item:hover, .item.hover {background-color:#555;}
Answered over 8 years ago by Behzad

If you're just adding social media buttons, there has to be a better way than iframes. It looks like IE has a hard time keeping track of the mouse hover when iframes are involved. I'd be surprised if there was any way to fix this with JavaScript, an htc file, etc.

Answered over 8 years ago by sdleihssirhc