I've recently built a website from scratch which I'm very proud of (a new feat for me!) and have begun testing it in dreaded IE. I've noticed that in IE8 if I want to hover over any link it just takes a long time to do (upwards of 0.5seconds to recognize the mouse is over a link and to change to a 'click here' icon). It almost feels like lag, except it works 'fine' in IE6 and IE7, as well as every other browser out there.

When I take out 2 simple pictures (about 500KB and 100KB) the page seems to work fine. Why do these two pictures trip up IE8 so badly, yet every other browser can handle pictures of this size just fine? What can I do to fix it?


EDIT: I've just played around with replacing the 500KB picture with a 100KB picture, and the same problem is there, although slightly less pronounced (yet still unsatisfactory).

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500k is pretty big for a website image. In fact it's positively HUGE!

Can it be optimized at all?

Perhaps saving it in a different format (if it's JPG try GIF, or PNG) will help (depending on what the image is of).

This page may help with some general image optimization advice

If you really cannot shrink it at all (I'd be surprised if this was the case however) try saving it as a PNG and using PNG Optimizer to try and shrink it.

Answered almost 10 years ago by danwellman
  • Yeah it is pretty big, and I can work on getting it smaller. My main concern though, is why does IE8 hate this so much, and every other browser including other IE's don't seem to have any problems with it? Karl Stelter almost 10 years ago
  • Who can say why IE does most of the things it does which other browsers do not ;) I have noticed that Outlook can have problems with very large images as well... danwellman almost 10 years ago
  • I've been playing with specific file sizes, and I found that, at least for me, anything 50k or less works relatively well and above 50k quality deteriorates quickly. IE8 sucks is my final answer. Karl Stelter almost 10 years ago