Gotta be quick, gotta look busy.. My auntie wants a website for her private school class, so they can submit homework and parents can check on their progress/work.. How can I do this (most preferably entirely online) for free? She doesn't have any computing skills on her own, so the UI will have to be as easy as possible.. She also doesn't have any access to free web space on her school's website.

I'm only partially the way through my Multimedia course, and have no idea on how to approach this... Help please!

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google docs?

Answered over 9 years ago by sprugman

That's a little advanced for a beginner to be honest, with no budget and no space the easiest thing to do would be to set up a wordpress blog on and password protect each post, giving the students access to each post, the submission could either be done via comments or email.

If you want to tackle it properly then I'd go for some beginner php tutorials and learn about database IO and form submission, it might take you a weekend but then you'd have a pretty solid grasp of what's needed.

Answered over 9 years ago by Dom Hodgson
Kamran 0

I think the best bet would be to go with moodle ( If you want a free hosting solution, you can google for a free php hosting OR you can talk to me and I can provide you free space with a subdomain on my server.

the second best option would be to have a blog made on wordpress.

Answered over 9 years ago by Kamran