Hello. For starters, a huge thank you in advance for any help.

I'm having a bear of a time with an image grid. Works fine in Safari, not so much in Firefox. Some instances DO work in FF, and I can't see what the difference is.

In Firefox, the images shift, overlap each other, and sometimes bump to new lines. I've run the code through a validator, and googled for a few hours now, but can't figure it out.

Here is a URL that DOES WORK in both browsers. http://www.chesterandhound.com/books.shtml

Here is a URL that DOES NOT WORK in both browsers: http://www.chesterandhound.com/portfolio.shtml

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Both urls look fine in Firefox 3 & 4 and Safari on my machine. Have you made a fix, but still have a cached copy of the CSS perhaps?

Maybe the server is caching old CSS files?

Try adding ?d=20110424 to your css file so browser and server stop caching...


Answered about 8 years ago by Tony Crockford

Very strange. I'd been deleting the cache periodically in FF, and it never helped. So I just tried your suggestion above about forcing the CSS to reload, and still no better. Figured what the heck, and updated FF, and now everything looks fine. I'm not sure I understand what's going on, but what's particularly frustrating is that I'll never know which fix I did in the CSS was the one to really fix it. Thank you VERY MUCH for taking the time to look at my code and at the pages in the browsers, and from saving me many more hours of fiddling.

Answered about 8 years ago by Katie Chester