I am trying to get an image to align with other images by using some in-line styling. It seems that the image is effected by different styles in IE7 and FF. The image is the "Ask our customers" image on the bottom right hand corner.


Any help would be much appreciated!!

Thanks! Chris

  • Just so you know, it's screwed up in Safari too. I'd try and help, but between your huge and funky css sheet, and the inline stuff, I simply can't grasp it. I would say, stick all three of those in the main page in a div, and apply margin to that div, to get them all lined up on the page. And don't do it inline. Cameron Conner almost 10 years ago

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In this element,

<div id="contenthome">

... there is a <p> tag that appears to be messing up your alignment. When I "delete" it using Firebug, things align properly. Try removing that tag and see if that helps.

Answered almost 10 years ago by Jason Sweet