Hello, I have a bizarre situation. I developed a site in Chrome (version 9 on OSX) a few days ago and now the images aren't showing up (but they used to). It is only some of the gallery images and the big image on the right hand side of the page that aren't showing up. Other images are showing up just fine.

Everything shows up just fine in other browsers. Perhaps this has something to do with Adblock which I only have installed on Chrome?

When I copy and paste the image source it is found and renders normally.

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You may want to disable AdBlock and clear your cache to make sure. When I view the page in Safari, the images show up fine.

If you're curious as to how or where Chrome (or Safari) is getting a resource, you can use the web inspector's "resources" tab to see where all the content is coming from.

Answered over 8 years ago by Nathan DeGruchy
  • By the time I went back to the page it seemed to have fixed it self. I am happy that it is fixed but I would love to know what caused it so that if it happens again I can fix it. I had already cleared my cache several times before posting - so I am not sure what changed. Patrick Rauland over 8 years ago