Internet Explorer 6 does not show images in JPG format, although claims it can.

But when I try to type something like

in the URL bar, it won't display.

Any explanations or workarounds for this?

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IME IE6 sometimes doesn't like urls without www prefixes. does this make a difference? can you link to a problem image, in case it's a server or MIME type issue? this link works fine in IE6 for me:

as does:

Answered about 7 years ago by Tony Crockford
  • I checked it, prepending a `www` does not make a difference. PNG btw. works fine, just having trouble with JPGs. Thanks, anyway. The MYYN about 7 years ago
  • try the jpgs I added Tony Crockford about 7 years ago
  • Yes, your jpeg works, my jpg doesn't. It's ... miraculous. I checked the content-type sent from my server (it's ``image/jpeg``) so it *should* work ... The MYYN about 7 years ago
  • Long shot - corrupted cached copy of your image? Tony Crockford about 7 years ago

Can you check if your JPG file was created using a CYMK colourspace and not an RGB one?

Answered almost 7 years ago by Davide Inglima
  • Thanks, interesting consideration. Will check it later. The MYYN almost 7 years ago