There should be a slimbox images between the h1 "Images" and "Click each image..." I've double checked my files and... everything seems to be in the right place.

I just can't figure this out.


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Sisira 95

I think the links of the list items should be updated as follows

<a href="path of the larger image of 1_outside_final_cropped.png" rel="lightbox"><img src="1_outside_final_cropped.png"></a>

But if you want to add the external HTML as the resource file. you need to use the light box plugin. Please the action in the following URL

Answered over 8 years ago by Sisira
  • No, not the panoramas. Those work fine. (Though what you linked me to is going to be a great resource, I wasn't sure what to do with them.) Right under `<h1>Images</h1>` there is `<p><a href="images/IMG_1868.jpg" rel="lightbox"></a></p> ` which is a regular image that should be showing up as a lightbox. Thank you, though. Jesse Stein over 8 years ago