I added a banner with two photos and have them fade in and out using jQuery cycle. Then I wanted to animate a box that would grow in width to 85px when the page loads. It works great in FF, but in IE when I add in the animation code, the jQuery cycle stops working...

Here is my code: ( they both are inside jQurey document ready script.)

jQuery("div#redBar").animate ({ width: 85, }, 1000, function() { });

jQuery("div#photo").cycle({ fx: 'fade' });

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It's likely that it doesn't work in IE. We all know how IE is....

You could try cycling through the banners using an array filled with the image names in order to it to work in IE, instead of using the cycle plugin.

Answered over 8 years ago by Trevor Landau

Thank, but I figured out the issue. I didn't need the extra function call, and I forgot quotes around with width. Below is the working code if your interested.


Answered over 8 years ago by Juan Di Diego
  • Ah! I missed that too. Nice! Trevor Landau over 8 years ago