Hi, there are many image zoom plugins for jQuery.

But most of it uses two images, one for thumbnail and another for the main one.

I googled for the single image zoom plugin, couldn't find the lean, simple n flexible one.

So has anyone using such jquery plugin??

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Jordan 469

Have you tried using Fancybox?


Answered almost 10 years ago by Jordan
  • @Jordan, thanks for the reply. But still there are two images if you dig into the source: <a id="single_1" title="Sample title" href="/data/1_b.jpg"><img src="/data/1_s.jpg"></a> <a id="single_2" href="/data/2_b.jpg"><img src="/data/2_s.jpg"></a> <a id="single_3" href="/data/3_b.jpg"><img src="/data/3_s.jpg"></a> What I want is, the markup should be just the single image: <img src="/data/3_s.jpg"> shown as thumbnail and when clicked, show this same image with zoom. Millisami almost 10 years ago