I have a small issue with jQuery on Safari & Chrome (Mac OSX 10.6) - the page loads fine under Firefox (Mac) and Internet Explorer (Win) but has to be refreshed to work properly in Safari or Chrome (both of which use the latest webkit I believe)...

View site here

If you hover over the image it is meant to show a magnified version to the right hand side - which works on the first page load on all browsers except Safari on the Mac.

It appears that the document.ready is firing to quickly under Safari & Chrome.

You have to refresh the page to get it to work under either browser. Could I delay the script somehow to maybe stop this error occurring ?

Any Ideas,


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I'm actually not able to duplicate your problem in any of my browsers, but I do not see anything in your $(document).ready function which binds a listener to your image. Have you tried adding it in there instead of wherever it is now? Theoretically, that should solve your problem.

There was something else I noticed. Every time you hover over the image, a new jqZoomWindow <div> is created. This is probably as a result of using .append versus removing the current element before adding a new one. I doubt it's related to your problem though.


Answered over 9 years ago by DondeEstaMiCulo
  • Whereismybum, Thanks for the answer - unfortunately it appears that if you click the link I posted it will always work for the first item (wierd) however if you go back to the catalog and choose another item from the shop then the failure to work occurs. I have the listener in the $(document) it is called by the $('#detailed_href1').jqzoom(options); call in there. It is very strange as on a different site for the same client I used the same plugin and it worked out of the box every time. Gracias ! mmuller over 9 years ago