The slider on my site breaks but corrects itself on refresh.

The div.message is absolutely positioned over the images in each slide, this seems to align itself strangely over two slides with the first transition and stays misaligned until the page is refreshed.

I have tried adding the CSS rules for .message within the javascript, this doesn't work.

It uses the JQuery Cycle Plug-in from,

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danwellman 5600

It's throwing a script error in IE7, although the IE JS debugger is a bit rubbish and doesn't say much about the error - 'Object Expected'

The error occurs in ie8.js.

This error can sometimes occur when you have an object and the final property has a trailing comma, e.g:

var myObj {
  prop1: val1,
  prop2: val2,

This will cause problems in IE and should appear like this instead:

var myObj {
      prop1: val1,
      prop2: val2

The page looks fine in IE8 and Firefox 3.5...fixing the JS error may or may not fix this problem, but it's probably best to fix it anyway so is worth doing even if it doesn't solve this issue

Answered almost 10 years ago by danwellman