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Quick question on a jquery plugin I'm using, JQZoom. You can check out the examples on the developers site. I have tried contacting him but, have not gotten a response.

Just wanted to know how I could modify the script so that it only tracks horizontal mouse movement. I'm basically using the script to let the user scroll along a panorama image.

Thanks for any help

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Ben, try commenting line 592 out:

592     // var lenstop = mousepos.y - smallimagedata.pos.t -(lensdata.h)/2 ;
Answered over 9 years ago by Cy Klassen
  • @Cy - Thanks Cy :) I actually ended up figuring this one out. In the css file, I added the following code to the 'Lens' --- top: 0px !important; --- and that fixed it. Ben over 9 years ago