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I've got an HTML email which has white text on a grey background table cell. This seems to work fine in all browsers, at least at the receiving stage (of what we've tested).

I've since managed to recreate a user problem; when the email is forwarded in Entourage, the background colour of the table cell changes from grey to white - rendering the contained white text unreadable.

Does anyone know of any issues, anything to do with HTML emails changing / losing styles when forwarded?



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Jordan 469

Entourage is not capable of composing (or Forwarding) complex HTML messages in its message body. You can get around this by choosing "Forward as Attachment" or "Redirect" from the Message menu/bar, these will send the message intact (and display inline on some of your recipients' email programs).

Answered about 8 years ago by Jordan

You should also note: anytime an email is forwarded, it is re-rendered using that particular client's rendering engine. This can cause all sorts of problems, especially when the email is forwarded from Outlook 2007.

Answered about 8 years ago by Justin Jackson