Hello all, this is my first post to this site, so please correct me if my protocol is off with this question and it's form.

I am building the Admin panel to manage the information gathered via and online application for enrollment. I'm drained and a little down on inspiration and can't (for the life of me) figure out how to arrange the info in a concise, easy-to-read manner.

The pages of information completed during the app process are represented on the page once a student is searched for and found. the user can click through and view all (tons) of the info by page/category.


alt text

  • The screenshot here is helpful, but it may also be useful for us to see what areas you're looking at improving, and maybe list what other information you've got to show. Overall though, the structure, at least in my opinion, looks pretty nice. When you have a lot of information, it can be tough to display it 'concisely'. Ktash about 8 years ago

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danwellman 5600

I agree with Ktash, it already looks pretty nice :)

You might want to think about spacing - the page is only half full, yet the information seems a little crammed. Space it out a little...

One other thing I would say is consistency - in the screenshot above sometimes the labels are above the information, sometimes they are beside it...pick one format and stick with it throughout. Same goes for colours - most of the labels are black, but the ones in the company section are grey, why? Are these ones less important? Inconsistency creates uncertainty and confusion

Answered about 8 years ago by danwellman

Thanks Ktash, Dan,

The problem was in the bottom block area. I just couldn't figure out a way to organize the blocks of info there. The the grey text in the employment area is the result of there not being any information to display there. I think (per your suggestion) I'll just eliminate that block if there is no info. I asked friend for some help and this is what we came up with: alt text

This is my first time on this forum, so hopefully you'll see more posts from me. I tend to get stuck when I get to the front-end of my projects, as I'm primarily a back-end dev. thanks for the responses!

Answered about 8 years ago by Daniel Burke