How difficult would it be for a web designer such as myself, experienced in xhtml, css, and javascript to learn and implement an open-source shopping cart for a clients website? Is it a feasible goal to complete one within the next 2ish weeks if I work away at it?

ps- any good places to start teaching myself?

  • How do you wish to develop it? If you only know this 3 languages, then IMHO it woun't be enough. You at least need basic PHP and basic SQL then. MySQL or PostgreSQL is your choise. Eugene almost 8 years ago
  • @Eugene, I don't need PHP in order to implement a shopping cart. Last time I checked, real programming languages (.Net, Java) worked just as well (or actually better). Charles Boyung almost 8 years ago

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It's not the shopping cart that's the problem, it's linking it to the payment processor that carries the pain.

You haven't explained enough about what sort of e-commerce solution you need, and the number of products and possible product variations and combinations will determine the solution you need.

For something simple, you would be able to implement a Paypal system. Anything beyond a few products and then you'll need an e-commerce experienced developer and a reasonable budget, assuming you'll hand off payment processing to a third party.

If you're considering handling the payment processing on your own server, then you'd better have a big budget - PCI compliance can be a huge money pit.

Explain more about type and number of products or have a look at some of PayPal's solutions first:

Buy it now buttons: if you only have a couple of items to sell

PayPal Web Payments standard: Comes with a PayPal cart and takes care of security and gateway issues - my recommendation for you if you have no idea about security or programming languages.

Answered almost 8 years ago by Tony Crockford
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  • I agree with Eugene except it would get close there as written, since it isn't really a clear question. Charles Boyung almost 8 years ago