I want to start to learn how to do web design. And I need a tutorial that teaches the ways of doing the most popular tricks and effects (the ones like the 3D effects) with Photoshop which are being commonly used in lots of web site designs.

But I need to learn very fast (about 3-7 days). So only need a simple tutorial which can help me by explaining step by step some common and elementary things.

Please advice me a website or a link to download some articles.

Thanks in advance!

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Well, you're a day into it. How goes it so far? For a 3-7 day intro to web design, forget learning CSS/XHTML/Javascript at all. Take a few Photoshop tutorials on bevels, gradients, drop shadows etc., and grab Dreamweaver or Rapidweaver or another [mostly] standards-compliant WYSIWYG editor/designer. You could also try http://www.xstandard.com/. Then, watch how what you do creates underlying code. You'll start to get an idea of what's going on with the CSS/XHTML stuff. You'll be lucky to master the editor software in 3-7 days.

Also, it wouldn't hurt you to go grab a template that's already done in Photoshop and HTML so you can dissect it. My advice is don't spend much time in the advanced stuff if you need to start learning the basics, especially if you're trying to produce something on a deadline. You have to do what you have to do right now. If you take the Dreamweaver route, don't get lazy and continue letting it do everything for you. Learn the HTML/CSS syntax. It will help you plan your sites when you're designing them in Photoshop. If you're going to start with Photoshop, learn about slices and Save for Web features. Also set up your grid preferences to have grid lines every pixel, 5 pixels, 10 pixels or whatever you need.

Take these tutorials:


http://net.tutsplus.com/site-builds/from-psd-to-html-building-a-set-of-website-designs-step-by-step/ (you'll spend a lot of time at this web site with it's articles)

Continue your google search with this phrase: psd to html tutorial

Start simple, blow over the advanced stuff for now or you won't learn anything at all this week. Then work your way backwards towards learning HTML/CSS/Javascript syntax and Photoshop techniques. Your goal this week should be mastering an editor and getting some of these tutorials complete. Then, start picking web sites apart one piece at a time: "How do I do a 2-column layout?" "How do I center my layout on the page?" "How do I create a horizontal navigation?" "How do I fix this crazy bug in Internet Explorer?" "How do I make footer content stay fixed to the bottom of the page?" "How do I make my links look like buttons and my buttons look like links?" "How do I style form elements?" And the list of questions goes on. You learn them as you need to.

Good luck my friend.

Answered almost 10 years ago by Jon Thomas

You should be able to tell from the URL that this is a good link.


Answered almost 10 years ago by Jon Thomas

hey, you cant just learn web design in 3 - 7 days, but you can start by going to css-tricks.com, they have some good tutorials on how to design websites in photoshop then convert it into xhtml, also some tutorials on how to create wordpress templates and alot on CSS. so start there, then go to w3schools website and you can use the html, xhtml, css references they have alot of explanation on various website code etc. very useful. but as i said dont expect to learn everything in 3 - 7 days. but good luck.

Answered almost 10 years ago by Ali Karim
Aaron 45

It's been 2 years that I am completely in Web Design and other stuff but I am still learning new things and new tricks. I mean you can learn most things in 3-7 days but w/o practice you can't do lots of things and it gets to be bothering. So instead of learning, implementing what you have learned is the thing taking time. So, I think if I were you I won't believe such books because sometimes just a little error takes whole time. So I recommend you to apply what you learn after learning. That's the key point to learn things actually.

Answered almost 10 years ago by Aaron

For learning Photoshop "tricks" (techniques) I have found no better tutorial for free than Bert Monroy at Pixel Perfect, but that is PS specific and nothing to do with webs. Your question said "tricks and effects... with Photoshop" so I'm not sure if this is what you want or not.

Answered almost 10 years ago by Jim Sewell