Hi there I'm having difficulties with my centre column placement when the content goes below the left column. So actually the problem is the left column.

I have set a height to the left column being 100% but this only works in IE - not FF. I could place a "position: absolute" to the left column but would prefer to continue using the float.

Do you have any ideas what best coding to use for the left column so my middle content stays in position? In IE it works with the 100% height.

Thanks so much

2 answers

Rob 230

As always, IE is doing it wrong. Give your center column a width other than auto which will make it the width of the page.

Answered almost 10 years ago by Rob
danwellman 5600

I think all you need to do is give the center-column a specified width - 700px seems to do it :)

Answered almost 10 years ago by danwellman