I've got a site with a home page title tag in the format <location> <service> - <business name>. I've just had somebody with a registered business name and domain name of <location> <service> demanding that I alter my title tag, as they say I'm advertising under their name.

As far as I can see, I'm optimising my title tags for seo. I'm providing a certain service in a certain location, and I'm certainly not trying to assume the identity of this other business. The practice of using <location> <service/product> or some variant of it is common, so I'm hoping this person has no valid claim.

Should I just ignore them?

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Wow, what are the odds! But I think you've done nothing wrong and should just ignore them. I am by no means a legal expert though.

Someone else is using my business name "Artistic Abode" now as a home tiling company. I am certainly not going to sue, it's a good name. "Apple" is both a computer company and a record company. And your business name has nothing to do with theirs, its just a coincidence of Location and Service.

Answered over 7 years ago by Artistic Abode