Hi all,

I have build a joomla site where lightbox is used in an imagemap. Now this works fine in all browsers except for one... internet explorer.

What happens is: When you click an area of the sitemap the lightbox loads and then very quikly decides to display the image in a new tab. So my question is: What could I be doing wrong that makes I.E. f**k up...

If anyone could take a look at this I would be very greatfull.

Here's the link: http://maars-systeemwanden.nl/systeemwanden (find the image in the scrollbar with the numbers and arrows)

Thanks a ton in advance and kind regards, Jason.

(PS: i've tried thickbox as well, it gives an dimmed screen with an red X for the picture...)

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Try running with the console up and you'll see that your code generates quite a few fatal errors. alt text

You can't mix jQuery with Mootools without taking steps to segregate their competing function definitions.

Answered almost 8 years ago by Nathan Duran
Jason 0

Hi thanks for looking in into this! I had a conversion service from psd to joomla and then filled in the content myself but apearently the coder didn't do a proper job...

However is this related to the lightbox issue or just the site globally?

Once more, thanks for your time.

Answered almost 8 years ago by Jason