I have a two column page. The left column has links to anchors in the extended page. (Clicking the third item jumps you down the page to the third topic, www.jeff-dodd.com/Martinis.html)

I have 10 items in the list. Everything displays. I've added an 11th item and it "wraps" itself to the right, like there is a constraint to the length of the box.

I've also tried to close off the 10 item < ul > list and make a new one with the 11th item. Still no good.

Also, is there a way to keep the bullets from displaying on the < li > items? I have "list-style" set to "none," but I don't think it's a valid option.

UPDATE: In trying to verify the details of this for the question, Firefox displays this without issue. Hmmm. Dreamweaver seems to be baffled. I'll take that up with Adobe (queue laughter).

Ok, I still have the bullets showing up... How do I get rid of them?

Thanks in advance.

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Your martinis.css file contains ul {list-style: inside square}, but your overriding rule is targeted at ul#nav li a {list-style: none inside;}. To get rid of the bullets, change that to this:

#nav {list-style: none;}

re: your first problem, no wrapping here. Test in browsers or Litmus - don't trust Dreamweaver ;-)

Answered about 10 years ago by Oli Studholme
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danwellman 5600

There is no limit to the number of <li> in a list; I've worked with lists with hundreds of them in it :)

Answered about 10 years ago by danwellman