I've havent been able to find a suitable answer to this question, it seems that the documentation on this particular feature is still in its infancy.

My question is; when on the first page do I define rel=start and prev to the same page? or do i dont put them at all?

same as the last page, do i put next in the last page, or omit the link next?


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It looks to me like the first document would simply have a link rel="next" and the last would have just a link rel="prev" and no other options, because the other rels related pages. The document to which you linked suggests that some client would take this information and build a coherent structure from it; it seems like given three inter-referenced pages, one that has rel="next", one that has rel="prev", rel="first", rel="next", and one that has rel="prev" & rel="first", a well-designed client would have enough information to determine the order of those three pages.

Answered almost 9 years ago by Ben Saufley
  • I think you're right, after looking at how some browsers handle those links, they should not say next when there's no next page, same goes for prev when there's no previous page. prozaker almost 9 years ago

That would probably depend on what it is you're putting them there for in the first place. If you have a browser that actually makes use of that information in some way, do whatever it takes to elicit the behavior you want from it.

Answered almost 9 years ago by Nathan Duran