I am trying to link my buttons from my flash movie menu to the other html pages of my site (www.freeridesystems.com). My first button (about us) is linked to www.freeridesystems.com and works, second button should go to www.freeridesystems.com/online.html but turns up error. I am using AS1 due to a old template that is being used and don't want to change a lot of stuff. My AS that is directing this button is:

on (release) {

The html page that i'm trying to go to is, obviously, online.html. I have posted all files to my server. Although, if you type in www.freeridesystems.com/online.html in web address, it shows up, but when "Online Shop" button is clicked in the flash movie, it comes up error. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help!

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I don't really know Actionscript, but I'll take a guess.

It looks like you probably have a typo in your code. It's directing the page to http://www.freeridesystems.com/online (note the missing .html) make sure that there's nothing missing, and maybe make sure the file you uploaded to the server is up to date with any changes you made on your local copy.

Also, I think you can leave off the "GET" parameter, since it looks like you're not sending any variables with the request.

Answered almost 9 years ago by Carl Beckelheimer

After dissecting all my code and all my files, links, etc... I found that flash was publishing my newest swf into a completely separate folder and I was loading my old swf into dreamweaver. It pays to look closely at where you're files are saving to. I only realized this after I went to "export movie" and it pointed to where it was saving and it was not where it was saving before. Thanks for the help!

Answered almost 9 years ago by Todd Nieber