I made an account and i have an album ready for Google's Picassa 3.6, but now how do I put the album on my website. thx in advance.

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There are two basic approaches. If you don't want to do any server side scripting at all, then you can embed a flash movie widget into any web page. Browse to the album in Picasa Web Albums, click on the 'Link to this album' link on the right, then click on 'Embed Slideshow'. A popup will appear with some code in it, select any options you require then select the code and paste it into your page. Here's Google's instructions. As an alternative to the official method, there's a javascript library, PWS, which will take a little more setting up.

If you want more control over the presentation and are able to do server side scripting, then you can use the Picasa Web Albums Data API. Go and look at the Client Libraries and Sample Code and pick the appropriate getting started guide for your language.

Answered over 9 years ago by Rob Crowther
  • Is there an option to let the slideshow play on the page where you embed it? canyonchase1 over 9 years ago
  • The slideshow should just appear where you paste the code in. It should play automatically if you tick the 'Autoplay' option when creating the code. Rob Crowther over 9 years ago
  • k thx. btw in order to make the slideshow you have to use an app named BookSmart by blurb. it says you have to transfer your pics from picasa to booksmart. do you know how? canyonchase1 over 9 years ago
  • Theres no slideshow in picasa? i just see collage and movie. canyonchase1 over 9 years ago