I can't find this for the life of me, all articles and lists on a Google search are from the early 2000's.

I know IE6 doesn't work properly with PNG transparency, but I'm curious whether it's worth it to start using transparent PNG's more, now that most of the world (including me) is stopping support for IE6. For example, does IE7?

Not really interested in using CSS to create transparency (yet)...too many hacks and workarounds and I try to avoid those in my coding.

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IE7 added native support for alpha transparent PNG, here's a post from the developer. All the other major browsers/rendering engines supported it before IE7.

Answered about 8 years ago by Rob Crowther

I say go for it. I've started using PNG's more heavily in my work lately. It just depends on what your demographics are like. If you're doing something for the government, you're probably going to be dealing with more people who still use IE6 and therefore may want to stay away from PNG or take advantage of some of the PNG hacks (and I agree, I try to avoid them as well) for IE6 that are out there. (http://www.twinhelix.com/css/iepngfix)

Answered about 8 years ago by Matt Milburn
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I found this article on Wikipedia:


Answered about 8 years ago by Mottie