It is very common in use grids for listing (including search and filter) and editing/adding in place.

But I personally don't find it very usable and, in fact, many users too.

So my question is: What is the best way to implement listing/editing/adding functionality, can you point me to some web user interface patterns for that?

Options for listing/editing I can think about:

  1. List and in-place edit (not too usable).
  2. List and edit on separate page (should move between pages).
  3. List and edit in popup (the list should automatically be updated too).


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The magic answer to your question is: it depends. It's all about context. What the data looks like, what kind of information is being manipulated. There is no catch-all.

All of the examples you listed have merit and can be the right answer. If you are updating the right amount and type of data (read: simple) then in-line editing can be effective, efficient and usable.

Answered about 10 years ago by Ben Shoults
  • I see what you mean. And yes, it depends. But I would like to find some resources that describe when and why to apply each option. Additionally the same way of doing it the same way in the whole web site improves its consistency and usability. Dmitriy Nagirnyak about 10 years ago