I wish to add a very simple forum to a website which works without the need for logging in. It doesn't even need separate categories - just a continuous stream of messages. Its for the use of small group of people (50?) that may post an average of 2-3 messages per day in total.

I know it will be open to spam, but I would like to give a select few users the privilege to delete messages so that spam can be kept under control.

The number one priority for the forum is that it have a simple and friendly feel. I want new visitors to have the feeling that they are instantly "part of the conversation" rather than having to dig around to find the latest post.

  • w.r.t. being part of the conversation, I would like it to be configured so that the users always see the last few posts as they arrive. mickreiss almost 10 years ago
  • It is essential that photos can be uploaded to the forum. mickreiss almost 10 years ago

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You might also look at Vanilla: http://vanillaforums.org/

Answered almost 10 years ago by Tony Crockford
  • I'd second that. It's rather nice. Olly Hodgson almost 10 years ago
Liam 53

Surely, you could just use something like PHPBB, MyBB or even vBulletin and open it up to guests?

Answered almost 10 years ago by Liam
  • Ok, well that's three - would you care to recommend which of those could best be configured for my requirements (see my added comment). mickreiss almost 10 years ago
  • It would entirely depend upon if you are looking for a commercial solution (vBulletin) or a free/open source one such as PHBB and MyBB. PHPBB would be one that I'd recommend due to it's high level of extensibility and ease of use. Liam almost 10 years ago