I'm looking for a good image gallery solution or plugin for a WordPress website.

I am considering the following requirements:

  • Client should be able to add images to a thumbnail gallery page
  • Client should also be able to add images to posts/pages
  • The images can be stored on a remote site (Flickr, etc) or on the website's server...
  • ...as long as the client is only required to upload the images once.

I have tried the NextGEN Gallery plugin, but it seems regularly fails to create thumbnails when uploading images. For example, I will select 10 images to upload, and only 5 will have thumbnails generated.

Anyone have a solution that they really like?

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I have found a solution that serves my needs and I thought I would share.

The Media Library Gallery Plugin creates a gallery out of all images in your Media Library. This allows my users to upload an image for use in a blog post, and that image automatically appears in the gallery.

The only downside is that this plugin is not very robust. The only option that you can pass using the shortcode is the total number of images displayed per gallery page.

The html that is output is pretty clean, and very easy to get your hooks into. :)

I tweaked the php so that it output a little less information than it does by default, to modify the thickbox hooks (that are built in), and to add a reference to my own class. Looks clean and works well for my purpose.

So, yeah: I recommend this plugin for anyone looking for a simple way to get galleries out of their WordPress Media Library.

Answered about 10 years ago by Jeremy Orion

I've used Carousel Gallery (jQuery) for Wordpress & another good called Smooth Gallery Replacement which I used for this site: Jen Thompson Photography

Answered about 10 years ago by Mike Brisk