I have an iPhone image and it has white background, I want the background to be transparent so that I can use it on my site which has a blue background.

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Ktash 1851
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Easiest way is with a program like photoshop, or gimp. They are both way over powered for what you need, but the last time I used paint, it didn't support transparency. Basically you'll want to select all connected pixels that are white, and delete them. From there, you can save it as a .png or .gif file. They both support transparency. With that kind of image, though, I would definitely recommend .png.

Answered about 7 years ago by Ktash

You would be better off using one of these: http://www.webanddesigners.com/20-free-phone-and-ipad-gui-psd-and-vector-templates-for-web-designers than an image that may be someone else's copyright.

Just because you can find an image on the Internet, doesn't mean it's free for re-use.

Answered about 7 years ago by Tony Crockford
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