I'm working on a Facebook Connect website and some of Facebook's fbml tags require that they be wrapped in serverfbml tags. Their serverfbml tags render them on Facebook's website and embeds them in an iframe. However, if the page background isn't white, it's very clear that it's embedded inside an iframe. So what I've been trying to do is to see if there's a way to make the background transparent.

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It looks like, because the background of the page in the iframe actually has a defined color, that might be kind of hard to do. I'm only starting to look into fbml myself right now, but this thread seems to have some useful information, depending on how you've gone about implementing the Facebook functionality on your site:


Their suggestion appears to be to add styling for the iFrame within your fb:serverfbml tags. But like I said, I know there are a couple of ways to implement this functionality, so I'm not sure whether it helps you. It looks like it might?

Answered about 8 years ago by Ben Saufley
  • I've looked at that page in the pest. My understanding of it, at least (tell me if you read it differently) is that you can get SOME styling in by putting them in the tags, but that doesn't allow you to get a transparent background. They seem to suggest putting more of your page inside the serverFbml tags, to render more of it there, and then have that in the iframe but that's not really feasible to me because I'm working with database connections and things. And they still talk about there being some white in some places from the iframe. Alex Zylman about 8 years ago