hi. i always face this problem that i am using adobe photoshop cs4 . when i create psd and make a jpg file than i get that my jpg file size is too much. 90px X 30px may be about 120kb. i think this is too much. so i want to make this lighter with great quality. so what is the best way to make jpg file size low. without loss image quality. i get a image 1600px X 550px this size is only 27.5 kb. so how can i make my image size low..

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Gabriel 55
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Image optimization is not always the same. You should try other image types like gif and png. You'll probably notice that you have better ratio of quality / size of the file depending on the type of data contained in your image.

Usually, if your image has a limited count of colors, gif or png8 will give better results. If your image has a lot of colors, jpg or png24 are the best options. But watch the compression noise when you use jpg.

Best trick I can give you is : use save for web and compare file size / quality with different settings. You can have up to 4 comparisons in the save for web window. Photoshop "Save for Web" option is the best way to export your images for Web use.

Answered almost 8 years ago by Gabriel
  • thanks Gabriel .. is there a proper trick for this or a proper setting in save for web window that can make my jpg size low... KC Rajput almost 8 years ago
  • I'd add as well that JPGs cannot be further compressed, but GIF and PNG images can be compressed, so even if JPG is initially the smallest filesize, compression can shave off k's. PNGOptimzer is a great app for this and also prevents color match issues when using JPGs and PNGs in the same area of the page... danwellman almost 8 years ago
  • @KC Rajput : As I said, there is no magic solution that works in all situation. If the "optimized" box is checked, the size will be smaller. Play around with the quality slider. Personally, I rarely go below 60% in quality. If you don't care about quality, you can use the blur slider but it will make your image all blurry. Again, there is no magic formula here, you really have to play around the tool to find the best compression / quality ratio that you are willing to accept. Good luck ! :) Gabriel almost 8 years ago
  • @Gabriel thanks again. KC Rajput almost 8 years ago