<li><a href="file:///C|/Documents and Settings/Administrator/My Documents/Unnamed site2/CSS/brands.html">Brands</a></li> 

It is always giving me this problem.

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Jordan 469

Dreamweaver creates relative file paths. Meaning that the html file and all files being linked must be in the same folder. If you have a file not in the same folder as your original file is will generate a path to that specific file, which explains the error you are seeing. You need to move the "CSS/brands.html" file into the same directory as "Unnamedsite2" Once completed you will have a relative path, so the code will be <a href="Unnamed site2/CSS/brands.html">Brands</a>

Answered over 9 years ago by Jordan
  • you also might want to check your preferences to see if there's an option to copy outside files into your site folder; I know Dreamweaver automatically does that for me with images I re-use from other sites. Stephan Hovnanian over 9 years ago