Sorry to get all "meta" on my first question, but why use this instead of StackOverflow? There are over 4000 questions tagged css on there, so it appears to me that "web design" questions (which really seems to mean "front-end web-development") are fine over there. Why segment the audience?

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Before starting Doctype we tried to get a feel for how designers felt about StackOverflow, although they understood its value, most didn't use it because it was very dominated by programmers (which, if I understand correctly, is exactly what Jeff wants for SO).

We've built something for front-end designers/developers to make getting help easier, but also to build an archive of useful questions and answers. Archiving an op's html, stylesheets and other resources is just one of the many approaches Doctype takes that StackOverflow doesn't (and rightly so, those features wouldn't make sense there). Providing full page captures of the problematic browser and a browser that renders correctly is another designer-specific feature that Doctype offers.

We're very open about how Doctype is inspired by StackOverflow; we know we're standing on the shoulders of giants. And we're confident that we've innovated and adapted the StackOverflow model to fit designers very well. We kept in touch with Jeff Atwood during development and shared our plans for launch with him. He was impressed with the direction Doctype was heading and very graciously offered to make us part of the League of Justice and we are thrilled to be a member.

Why should you use Doctype? Just check out some of the answers our members have been leaving, just two days into launch.

Note We'd normally recommend meta discussions on our meta site, but we're migrating to a UserVoice feedback site at the moment, so I'll let you off, just this once ;-)

Answered about 10 years ago by Matthew Brindley

Doctype is for "designers", StackOverflow is for "developers" if you want to get down to it. One covers your front-end (markup), the other covers your back-end (functionality).

Answered about 10 years ago by Scott Savage

Maybe I'm weird because I do both design and development, so I'm more comfortable than some with the SO community; however, I see almost no design questions on here. Everything is "how do I do this in css?", "what non-wysiwyg editor should I use?", etc. To me, those are (front-end) development questions having almost nothing to do with design, and they could live perfectly comfortably on SO.

Design is not front-end development. In the web context, "design" is either visual design or ui/interaction/experience design (choose your label) and has little to do with code. (Of course, there's also code design, but questions about that would go on SO, too.)

I'm not actually as grumpy about this as it may seem. The browser snapshot tool seems cool, and if people are more comfortable here than on SO, more power to 'em. I'm just a little worried about a fractured audience and having to post my questions and monitor two places....

Answered about 10 years ago by sprugman

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I've seem Doctype do cool things with the web page images! :)

Answered about 10 years ago by orta