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I've been trying for hours to get this signature to sit correctly.
Two things are not cooperating: The image places a space between the line above it, and, the quality of the image is worse once the email has been sent. See below email code... excuse the messy code but that is outlook placing that.

What is the best way to place an image (other than a hyperlink to a website as this could be blocked) and how do I get it to sit correctly within the signature? Any ideas? Thanks very much

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I'm not sure about the image quality unless you can provide the image file before and after. Since you are referencing the logo image to to a local path, I guess Outlook might have regenerated a copy of it as an attachment (perhaps from PNG to JPEG) within the email which somehow degrades the quality.

As of the gap above the logo, there's a paragraph <P></P> sitting above image. 2 ways to fix that.

  • Replace it with a <br />
  • Add the class MsoNormal to it, e.g. <P class=MsoNormal></P>
Answered over 9 years ago by o.k.w
  • Exchange will recompress embedded images. Unfortunately, GIF seems to play best with Outlook / Exchange. Cy Klassen over 9 years ago

Hey thanks alot. I missed that

tag with all the ugly script around it. But then cleaned that up and placed a

tag at the end of it and voila!
Not sure about the image problem but it seems to be pointing at the correct .png now since I took out all the microsoft code. thanks for your help.

Answered over 9 years ago by Felicia