Doctypers, I'm having issues rendering my background correctly in IE 7 and Chrome on one specific page of my site. The background works on all other pages and posts (its a Wordpress site) except for one. I thought maybe the content was effecting it somehow, but I went in and replaced it with some simple text- still not working. Here is the page

You'll see the that the background image is off a pixel or so compared to any other page on the site. Not really sure whats happening here! Any ideas?

Thanks! Chris

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Ktash 1851

In IE 7 I see the same issue on all pages, and yes, its your background being off by a few pixels. While I don't have the tools to check this at the moment, my guess is that it is due to your nav bar. IE 7 and below treat height and width as min-height and min-width. This means that when you content is greater than an explicitly set width or height, it gets overridden. The how to fix is going to be something you're probably going to have to play around with a little.

Answered over 7 years ago by Ktash