hi i design a website with visual studio 2005 and SQL database. i use menu from toolbox of visual studio and i set this direction "rtl" in a "div" tag , now my menu show in Firefox correctly but it don't show sub menu in IE8 7and when i put a tag like this: ( meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" /) in html codes, -that work IE8 like IE7- my menu lost other items except first item. i know the problem is for right to left direction because my menu in my English language page work correctly. also i test it in visual studio 2008 but don't different happen;

note: when i run my site local , my menu is true in IE8 but when i run it by IIS, the menu don't show sub menus and on the internet when i upload my site , menu don't show sub menus too.

how can i do ? please tell me if you have any solution. thanks