Hey All:

I have a new RSS image for my site. When i click on the link, it shows my formatted xml file as an RSS page, as it used to before.

However, just under the "Subscribe Now" button on the yellow background is a white background with just a RodneyPiper.tv link.

There are no lists for my Blog posts? Why is this? What can i do to resolve the issue?


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it seems that your newsfeed isn't valid, meaning that it contains errors.

I ran your feed through 2 feed validators and they both choked on it: feedvalidator.org and W3C Feed Validation Service. If you click the respective link it will bring you to the respective validator result page for your newsfeed check.

The results pages contain a help link which explains what you can do to resolve the individual problems. There's a good chance that fixing your newsfeed will fix the entry list.

Good luck!

Answered over 8 years ago by Polyfragmentiert