.This is the small template web page i am trying to construct... when I minimise it i.e., when we press ctrl-- the text in the webpage is getting disturbed.So please give me some idea.. I am attatching a part of my code which is linked to some text in the web page... the below one is the text in the web page..

<div id="dt2"><p id="a2"><b id="bn">Hello</b> so today's new topic is based upon so and so...Thus<br/>
                            therefore I am you are here with me forever in my mind I see<br/>
                            you in my eyes with in the light of day that shines brightly<br/>
                            through my soul that dwells in my body for eternity as long as <br/>
                            there is hope...</p></div>



this is the html and css part... i am very new to this webdesigning.I know only html and css...

  • Is this just in a particular browser? Doesn't seem to happen in firefox 4 on Windows... danwellman over 8 years ago
  • Doesn't seem to happen in FF4 in Linux either. Abinadi Ayerdis over 8 years ago