hi all,

i was made my website more simple manner and finally the IE 7 was making a big puss for rendering it, i mean specially the top bar part, please help me on this.

  • well, i wanted to fix down my top bar of the site, specially, its not showing when it loads in IE7, any fixes please. Muhammad Yoosuf over 9 years ago
  • WEll it works here for me in ie8 And im not going to read your source when its all on one line oO SO, what exactly IS your problem? Menno Geelen over 9 years ago
  • Hey Yoosuf, I can't see any problem in IE7, except in Quirks mode where the whole site is left aligned instead of centered on the page... danwellman over 9 years ago
  • @danwallmen, actually I was testing with IE_TESTER application and, it doesn't show the top bar, i was adding some fix with z-index, but still it now showing in IE_TESTER, any css hack to be done to solve this? Muhammad Yoosuf over 9 years ago