I'm looking for a freeware or inexpensive (< $100) visual CSS editor. I need an editor that will allow me to position HTML elements visually and assign CSS rules, change properties, etc. It would then generate the stylesheet and the HTML. My reason for needing this is because I am finding that manually guesstimating where HTML elements should be positioned is very time consuming. I think I could do it much faster if I could see the element and place it visually (preferably with some type of 'snap to grid' feature). Thanks.

  • I found what appears to be an excellent editor at www.skybound.ca. If anyone finds anything better, please let me know. Chris Barnhill over 7 years ago

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Sadly the state of drag and drop web development leaves a bit to be desired these days. That being said, there a couple of decent options that can get you part of the way there, although you almost always have to do some work in the code as well.

The two tools that do this visual drag and drop design that I have used are Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression Web. Both of these tools have helped get me over the hump when I was stumped about how to code something. I often could do it in the gui and then study the CSS and HTML later.

Dreamweaver has a lot of traction because it has been around so long and is bundled with the Adobe tools, but it is very expensive. Honestly, Expression works quite well as a standards compliant drag and drop web editor, is a vast improvement over its terrible predecessor, "Frontpage". So don't let the fact it is from Microsoft deter you. It has great syntax highlighting for html, css, javascript, asp and php and it wont break the bank at $125.

I have used Dreamweaver for years and used Expression Web since it came out depending upon the project. I find I do most of my work in code directly these days and both of tools serve me as well as my usual text editor, Notepad++, but for the drag and drop stuff, these both work excellently.

Answered over 7 years ago by Steve Massing
  • Thanks for the recommendations. I really like Stylizer, but I'm trying to determine if it will also allow me to edit my HTML on the fly. So far, it doesn't appear to support this. Chris Barnhill over 7 years ago
  • Well, Stylizer does support editing HTML files on the fly, but not HTML embedded in PHP files, which is integral to my workflow. So I'm going to check out MS Expression and see if it may be more suitable. Thanks. Chris Barnhill over 7 years ago