Hi I have bought a new domain and new webspace with windows 2008 server hosting, .net 3.5 support and ms sql database.

I wish to seek suggestions on various free/opensource cms's that i can install and get started. Basically I am a systems engineer and would like have a website with

1) Integrating twitter,youtube, facebook,flickr,google reader integration 2) Custom app integration. 3) Blogspace

[Although I am systems Engineer] I know how to code in .net and have build some websites myself but it is not passion. The best thing available may not be exactly what my requirement spec 1,2,3 may cover. I may write my own plugins to satisfy myself completely. However would like to know how far I can get started with some opensource/freeware engine.

Thanks, imkin.

Edit: It should be alright if the better CMS is not dotnet based. :)

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danwellman 5600
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Umbraco is a very good open-source .net CMS that is easy to use, flexible and extensible. Not sure if social netowrking comes out of the box, but there are plugins that help, e.g. umbraco twitter integration

Answered about 9 years ago by danwellman
  • was looking for a free one :) Dhawal about 9 years ago
  • Hmm found that it is indeed free :) Dhawal about 9 years ago

Orchard is an ASP.NET MVC project that encompasses blog, CMS, and various other projects. I've been reading about it recently but haven't jumped into it yet.

Answered about 9 years ago by Kirk Broadhurst