I've spent the last few months working on this, and I think it's now good enough to seek out some feedback. It's obviously inspired somewhat by sites like doctype, stackoverflow and others, but with a completely different focus. I wont go into the details here as you should be able to figure it out from the site which is here: http://showcaselane.com

The content is a bit sparse at the moment, but any feedback on any aspect of the site would be greatly appreciated.

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Not too shabby. Seems like a cool concept.

Maybe if you included descriptions that the user can type up for their showcases, as well as comments boxes for other people to comment on them rather than just vote. That's just my opinion though!

Answered over 8 years ago by Jared Tomeck
  • Thanks Jared. Showcases already have descriptions and comments are coming... probably, still thinking about how to do this and still keep the showcases clean. cantabilesoftware over 8 years ago