Hi all,

Sorry for bringing this here, but I can't seem to get any help what so ever on the WP forums.

I've really screwed things up this time I think ...

I've been trying to add a second sidebar to this theme, so that I'm able to use my custom templates with it.

I started off with editing the functions, creating the second sidebar file (sidebarcustom.php) and then applied the template to the front page. All seemed to be going well until I viewed the other pages ... which all ended up with errors regarding the sidebar!

Please see what i mean here: http://www.campnageela.org/ ALL files now have an error.

I decided to AGAIN try by starting over and edited my functions.php with the following:



I've now sidebar.php and sidebar2.php

I've made sure the custom template and index.php files were calling the correct sidebar files ... but still getting the errors on all pages!

Please, help help or direction would be muchly appreciated ~


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Certainly not a doctype question (html, CSS, web/email design) but you've already apologised eh...

The error mentions you call function get_sidebar2() on line 60 of custom.php in your theme directory but that function doesn't exist - make sure you've named it correctly and it's consistent with the function declaration.

Maybe you should use regster_sidebars instead? If that doesn't work, try stack overflow which has a few Wordpress Q+As

Answered over 9 years ago by James Spencer
  • Thanks James, luckily was only a minor issue and nothing I seriously screwed up. Lol Thanks so much for pointing that out ... Jennifer Jennifer over 9 years ago