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Is it even possible without changing browser preferences?

Q? How can I open a page over https in a popup window/modal overlay from a non secure site without getting security alert?

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I would very, very much hope that it would be impossible. the whole point of HTTPS is that you serve everything from a secure server.

Answered about 9 years ago by Tony Crockford
  • Thanks Tony. I need one more clarification. What is the basic difference between HTTP and HTTPS request. And also i am trying to open jquery modal plugin [jqmodal] to open a secure HTTPS site like and but these are not opening in the modal window even if showing the security alert. Sisira about 9 years ago
  • HTTP connections aren't encrypted, HTTPS connections are (Either by Secure HTTP or SSL). You put your user's possibly sensitive information in jeopardy if you don't use HTTPS. It's an absolute must for any Credit Card/SSN transaction and any login pages that lead to that information (i.e. PayPal). Zack Doherty about 9 years ago

Assuming the "security alert" you're referring to is the one that some browsers display when you move from a secure page to an insecure one, then you have absolutely no control over that.

Answered about 9 years ago by Nathan Duran